Why this?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Haecceity(1) is…

The quality of a thing that makes it unique or describable as ‘this (one)’.

I started this blog because, right now, digital identity is a mess. And the reason I think it is a mess is because our need for digital identities has got ahead of our understanding of what identity is and how it works.

Digital identity is not just about accounts and security. It is more fundamental than that. Digital identity is about information, and relationships, and us.

Yes we need to get the lock-and-key part right. But I think one of the reasons we are in a bit of a pickle is because too often we start with the security questions and take it from there.

The real title of this blog is “Identity from the ground up”. Its aim is just that – to look at how identity beings with information, and relationships, and us – and to see if that will provide a better way to build locks and keys, and more…


1: Haecceity is a bit of technical jargon from the world of academic philosophy. It was borrowed from the Latin haeccitas, which means ‘thisness’. It is not, however, a term that philosophers agree on (1). As you can find out at Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, there is quite a bit of debate about whether such a word should be allowed at all.


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