The Author


I am not too hard to find on the internet, or in ‘meat space’ for that matter. Still, I will reserve the right to a little pseudo-anonymity here. The relevant details are…

  • I am an enterprise architect.
  • I work in a large public university.
  • I have gained some understanding of digital identity, and why it matters.

The last point is an unplanned consequences of the first. Some years back my day job required me to conduct a review of an ailing identity management project. That lead to a long term project to find better ways of producing and operating identity services. (A project very much still underway.)

When you work on business production problems you can collect a lot of insights and extra material along the way. Material that you use as scaffolding, to help you get your bearings, and to better inform your decisions. That all tends to get thrown away. Or rather left to the slow inexorable bit-rot of file shares and Evernote accounts.

But when you work on digital identity for any length of time, you begin to understand that it matters. It is very important. I’ll put the essay explaining why somewhere else on this blog. For now let me just say, Wikileaks, PRISM, Facebook, and privacy, and leave it at that.

So, I have fired up this blog because:

  • I want to keep the scaffolding. I don’t want to limit the value of my work to a new information system or some restructured business functions.
  • I want to go a step further and build on those extraneous ‘value adds’, polish and improve them.
  • I am thinking I may write a book. And I have observed that, these days, in a technical niche, it makes sense to publish the whole process. If this obscure techno-blog fails to find an a decent professional audience… well there are other things I could do.





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